When a loved-one dies often a will or a trust is left behind outlining the wishes of the decedent. Usually a person close to the loved-one is named the personal representative or the trustee of the estate. However, that person may soon find that navigating the rules and regulations related to the administration of an estate is overwhelming.

I can help you to ensure the final wishes of your loved one are carried out. By retaining legal counsel to assist you in the administration of a loved-one’s estate, you can save the estate and the decedent’s heirs or beneficiaries considerable expense. Unfortunately, our loved ones wishes are not always clear. Occasionally, the wishes of our loved ones are not upheld by the people they left to ensure this would occur. Determining a decedents wishes and enforcing them can be a lengthy and complex process. I can assist client’s with all manner of estate litigation, including will contests and challenges to the administration of estates and trusts.

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